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Instrumentation: piano (JB) and hree clarinets (all JB). This work was part of a Holocaust Project composed in the spring of 1999 (8th grade). I was inspired by a poem written by Evelyn Roman, a Holocaust survivor, intitled "Aftermath."

Fifty years after the fac
Painful memories intact
Nightmares recurring
Nazis appearing

Must survivors remain
At their altar of pain
Forever enduring
Unspeakable haunting?

And will it subside
On life's other side
Or go on persisting
Into the realm of night?

In my composition, I attempted to express the feelings evoked by the poem. Improvising at first, and then achieving more complexity as the piece solidified'





Metta Virginia Beach, Virginia

Jacob A. Barton (1985-) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work focuses on microtonal practice and theory. In 2005 he accidentally co-invented the udderbot, a DIY slide woodwind instrument. He has organized numerous events, most recently the first Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp. He is currently working on new collaborations and mooching off his parents in Virginia Beach, Virginia. ... more

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